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one of the eyes from the new eyepack by Dustin i was going to upload. and one of the very old hairs i was not going to upload (it’s not like i’m trying to raise interest in my private stuff, i just think i have already shared a lot.)

Fellow skyrim players, what would you recommend me to wear in Skyrim? Clothes, armours? for MALE of course. No beer-cans (bc I want to actually see my character), no vanilla retextures plz (bc that was all I could find so far).

GGC companion Gill in the bathroom :]

He needs some better tattoos, mah boy


Ok, have you, like, tweaked the self-shadow settings in the ini or something, or do you just cross your fingers and hope for the best? Because I tried to use Tweaked ENB with self-shadows turned on and they looked pretty bad.

try the most recent version. i`ve tweaked AO in the ini, but the shadows were decent from the start. (they indeed used to look bad in the older versions though.)

Gill`s outfit by Chakaru11. He isn`t dressed like that in the GGC mod, I admit he is dressed in a much more skimpy way. Once I decide whether I should leave that skimpy armor or make smth more lore-friendly, this companion will be def released.

This set was made after the final test of companion Gill that I recreated. I also remade Newsea Soledad hair specially for GGC Gill. this version is better fitted to the head as you can see. Gill is wearing a beautiful texture originally made for the Sims 2 by Hybride de The.

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