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Maxim. 666 years. Prodigy. Nerd. Homosexual. Drugs. Abuse. Satan. Never alone.

As you know, we’ve recently shared some of maxheartflan mods at nexusmods, and more to come, in spite of local attitude being *cough* quite weird *cough*. As a matter of fact the amount of hysteria generated by ‘confused admirers’ in our mod pages just demonstrates how challenging and cool our work is :D

Well yea I know this is prolly what other modders used to say to themselves before we actually lost them due to repeated trolling.

haunting a vampire - pr0n fix

i caught a vampire to snatch a vampire’s kiss, and you know what? when i kissed him, he just turned back to human state. whaaa

you mr.stalker what are you doing in my house

stop stalking already and attack

hey mr. stalker what

hey you mr. stalker, what…

aw aw this is exactly how i feel whenever i look at him in this skin.

Here’s my upcoming housemod. I don’t so willingly share, because making a really playable housemod is such a pain in the butt. my houses don’t even have exteriors mostly, that’s why i’m too bad @ making them. plz be patient. i’m really anxious for release. untill then grab the Kijiko pack @ my blog.

I love Dustin’s skin, looks prettier than anything i’ve ever made. And Kijiko’s hair.

Maxim wearing ‘Mr.Kitty outfit’, it’s a mashup outfit, and idk will it be shared or not, but I enjoy it.

i named this one ‘lovelight’ haha. oh but i think i should’ve named it ‘angelwings’ though. i bet the second sexypic in a row just makes y’all drool with hunger, does it.

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